Carrie Kaser
Daily Document No. 1 - 7Daily Document No. 1 (detail)Daily Document No. 7 (Detail)
Daily Document
In Daily Document I traced the information from the screen of each website I visited in my daily life. Each drawing represents one day of my own internet use. Like a medieval monk transcribing texts, I set out to transcribe the websites I visited. These drawings represent my experience lived online, and function as a meditation, a way of taking pause. The drawings are dense, detailed, and tedious. I can type faster than I can write, snap a photograph more quickly than sketch. This project is a reclamation of sorts. A futile attempt to bring my hand into my daily existence. The irony is that it is impossible to record my life this way. The time spent drawing quickly surpasses the time it takes to surf the internet, quickly jumping from one page to the next.